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Monday, November 11, 2019

Emotional Healing through Journaling

November 11, 2019 1 Comments

It may sound good to know that simple journaling can emotionally heal you as well. Simply penning down your thought can so recovering. As a Psychological Counselor, I use this writing technique for my client for their emotional healing. I train them how to use it in their day to day life and believe me it's so catheretic. 

Writing about our own difficulties and dreams helps us experience increased happiness, health and productivity. This technique helps in finding meaning in the mess. When you write and re-read and your writing can further deepen your understanding and healing. I have found that writing down not only helps us understand where the feelings are coming from, it also makes it easier to let go of the negative emotions. 

Many of us simply hold our emotions, storing them away in our bodies, and we become emotionally constipated, unable to let go of that which isn't helping us in any way. Eventually, when our system gets too backed up, we get sick. We can no longer function as we should. Become sluggish, unresponsive depressed.

So really, your journal is like prunes for the Soul, somethings that help you regulate. So let's start with how to write a journal for emotional healing. 

• Don't worry about spelling, grammar and formatting. Just let going and keep going.
• Just follow the line rest keep flowing with words and thoughts.
• Write regularly. Just block your alarm clock just for 20-30 minutes every day. Slowly and gradually become easier and more effective with more practice.
• Aim for 750 words daily that means 3 pages all together if you are writing by hand. That is really just a minimum amount and mostly free thoughts.

You will lose an opportunity to dig deeper into your own mind lead to more insight means great healing.